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What users say about Boombox

Boombox is an absolutely essential part of my sound design process. Well stocked with a wide variety of sounds, intuitive controls and speedy as all get out. Boombox is the mic drop of audio.



Makes Motion

Boombox has quickly become my favorite way to do sound design. I love the selection of sounds and how they are organized in a way that makes sense for motion designers like me. I rarely have to open other libraries these days!



Flying Colors

Boombox is a great tool from early sound exploration in animatics to final mix for delivery. Extremely high quality and expansive library of sound effects that elevates my motion work.



Melon Fresh Design

I've used Boombox on several proffesional projects, and it's been a tremendous help with adding creative and foley sound to my projects. I think this is such a great addition to have in your creative workflow.

Oskar H


Freelance Motion Design & Video Editor

Boombox saved me so much time doing sound design. Everything is right inside Premiere, rather than roundtripping out to an SFX library site, listening, downloading, importing, testing, purchasing, re-downloading and replacing...FOR EVERY SINGLE SOUND. Boombox is an incredible idea and a great execution on that idea. Gamechanger.

Chris Lones


Lones Productions

I've found Mt. Mograph plugins to be absolutely essential to my workflow. I've saved so much time and found new ways to create thanks to them!

Jacob W


Faceplant Creative

Boombox is a great tool to begin experimenting with sound design in your projects. As a TV show director, foley is a major piece of the puzzle I use to add texture and depth.

Jon Walker


Powernation Studios

Boombox facilitated me to do the sound mix for my animation projects with much ease, the best thing is that I don't have to leave After Effects to do so, highly recommended.



Ifaisal Studio

Boombox is so robust and full of high-quality sound effects. I use it on almost every project because it always has the sounds I'm looking for and the quality is spot on. They are frequently adding more sound packs. Highly recommend getting this one if you're in the business of making videos.

Adam G


Go Video Go

What Mt. Mograph has done with all their plugins is unseen anywhere else. Boombox is another one of their plugins that exceeds and redefines expectations of what your software, and you, can do and the time you can do it in! Clean UI, seamless integration and great, professionally polished sound packs included in the box; it's worth its weight in gold many times over!

Izzy R


Hototo Films

I use Boombox on almost every project, it is a huge timesaver having all those amazing sounds at your fingertips without the need to open an other software or export anything. I just search, add and I'm done.



Werx Studio

Boombox is one of those plugins that, once installed and used, you can't do without. It's a tool designed to collaborate with you. Adding that extra ingredient to the production process that makes things "POP!" The user interface is appealing, the sounds are of high quality, and the ease of use is exactly what bundled plugins should be like.



Commerce Tools

Boombox is without a doubt the easiest way to add sound effects to your project. Period.




Mt. Mograph's products are always a crucial asset to my workflow. With Boombox's emphasis on sound effects, it's effortless to locate the perfect sound and incorporate it at the ideal moment. Gone are the days of navigating through countless folders of accumulated sound effects, a process that was too time-consuming.




Last week a client asked if it was feasible to add sound design to a mograph ad we're working on. I did it using Boombox and turned it around same day, making extra cash on the project without even leaving After Effects.

Luis Medrano


Colorama TV