About us

Meet the Mt. Mograph dev team. We are a group of eclectic creatives with diverse expertise. We dream and develop novel ways to create media and build value-adding dynamic softwares.

Hanging out in Colorado, mixing keyframes and code.

Matt Jylkka


Grew up a Florida man. I moved to Denver in 2017 to climb rocks and write software in my free time.

Cameron Jeffords

Software Engineer

Add a cup of Creative Exploration and Fashion Design to a couple of ounces of Party in the Weekend, whisk this together with a bunch of Cooking Interest and a tablespoon of Bitcoin. Cook the mixture with a gallon of Coffee and youโ€™ll end up with Luuk de Bruin. Great recipe!

Luuk de Bruin

Software Engineer

Isaac is a one-stop audio shop whose work can be heard in projects spanning the globe every day. If heโ€™s not immersed in music, heโ€™s either skiing at the edge of disaster or getting lost in the woods of Colorado.

Isaac Brockshus