Packlog 1: Props


Props sfx pack
Pack art for `Props` — created by the wonderfully talented @ Lyndon Navalta


This summer marked the release of Props, which adds a mountain of foley-type audio to the Boombox library.

Listen to the audio overview to preview the aesthetic for 'Props'


A large part of the Boombox “DNA” consists of what we call foley sounds. Although not true Foley, in the sense of sound recorded in sync with motion picture, the term ‘foley’ remains fitting. During production, we try and capture the complete range of sounds each object can produce. In many ways, each material becomes an instrument to play and discover.

When I approach recording a source, I try to imagine every possible sound an object can make. What does it sound like to drop? punch? rummage? destroy?
Isaac Brockhus on producing the Props pack


To develop this new release, we recorded an eclectic collection of objects to create a comprehensive pack of 1600+ sounds. The essence of this release is to showcase objects common on commercial foley sets. In this pack you’ll hear some of the most common objects seen on screen, from doors and cabinets to bags and suitcases.


And true to form, we’ve tagged the hell out of this pack to make its 1600+ sounds fully searchable. The result is a pack you can draw from when you can’t hire a Foley artist for your project.


Here’s a small sample from the pack for flavor.

Exterior Door - Open, Squeaky 01
Board Game — Scoop Pieces 03
Pencil On Paper — Scribble Out 04
House Keys - Select 01
Laptop - Typing 01


Though not every prop imaginable can be heard in this pack, we’ll keep marching toward that lofty goal, taking requests along the way.


All 42 of our packs are living, ongoing projects, receptive to user input. Props will continue to grow as we record new sounds. If there is an object you would like to hear included in the Boombox library, send us a request.


The Boombox audio team

a snap of our favorite go-to microphones — including the Rode NTG4+, which we relied on heavily for ‘Props’