Our latest SFX packs

Included in Boombox


The most revolting sounds ever extracted from an underground laboratory seep from this wretched pack. You'll writhe at the very sound of slithering tentacles, viscous bubbles, and oozing fluids, all designed to add a visceral stink to animated elements.

202 sounds

Gross & Goopy

A mixtape of foley recorded from objects every teenager owned and loved in the eighties and nineties. From cassette tapes and video games to analogue knobs and buttons, these sounds will bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of any kid who grew up in the Age of Excess.

512 sounds

Age of Excess

Crafted from recordings made in the natural world, this mystifying pack lends an organic feel to user interface graphics. As with all of our packs, these sounds are designed to be layered to create an entirely unique soundscape

187 sounds



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