Boombox official release!


Getting Boombox to a stable release took a massive effort from a lot of people. What was originally planned was based off ideas from childhood, that took years for the right minds to come together, hurdles to jump and challenges to be meet.

A designer, a developer, a composer and an artist start off on a project ... sounds like the beginning of a joke, or the start of an actual journey into bigger software development.

Koen Schmeets and I have spoken about how you can never estimate how long it will take to figure out a project. Sometimes, you have to wait for the right solution or just the right mindset to complete a component. For years now, Koen and I have shot for release dates, hopefully, and slowly watched them slip away.

At first this kind of experience can get you down, and Koen and I really struggled through some of the more difficult portions of this project. But, looking back it's all required for the next stage to go smoother.

Each new tool, or project can be a learning experience for a future project. Old systems can get revised, and holes can be seen that you might have missed. We were able to piggy-back off the Licensing and Auto-Update system we built for Midas so got a big jumpstart into development for Boombox