Motion (v3.8 - 3.10)


A major update is finallyย here in Motion 3.10 (we also had v3.8 and 3.9 released within a day) so all are included here. This update includes our awesome new Texture tool and texture library.

We worked with ourย photographer friendย Cody Ross (Cody Ross Creative) to help put together a massive cloud library of textures. Right now, the library is only 100 textures โ€” but we'll be working with Cody again to expand the textures even more.

The textures come from old book covers, parchments, papers and record albums found from Salvation Army and second-hand shops. We're also thinking about adding in some moving textures in a future update.

- Time reverse option to clone tool when holding Alt key
- New texture effect control
- Issues with clone tool

- Dynamics seed issue on hold type
- Issue with shortcut order counts not displaying correctly
- Saving last used settings for some tools
- Temp comp not automatically removing
- Seed option to dynamics tool

- Motion 3 icons on various screens
- Multi-monitor option is now called fast mode and is changed to off by default (for new users only)