Motion (v3.22)



Another release is here for Motion v3.22 — we've been getting Requests from many users to add an Easing library and Comp Size features. 

We built this two new options, and along the way included some nice bug fixes and improvements throughout the panel. A major UI difference is the re-location of the Home screen toggles for (Anchor, Ease Sliders, and Curve Graph) to their own Menu > Interface option.


- Ease Preset library (save and browse easy ease values)
- Error reporting in Windows Installer
- Better reporting for bugs
- Search functionality to Tools screen

- Location of Home screen toggles for Ease sliders, Anchor and the Curve Graph. Now panel preferences are found in the Menu > Interface

- Icon stroke size to be same
- Dynamics/Hold seed error on high values
- Save preferences for Rename sub-menu Serialize and Separator options
- Font scaling with resizing Home screen header text
- Crash when entering non-numbers in Color picker/eyedropper number entry fields
- Crash when uploading an invalid color palette .ASE file