Motion (v3.21)



An exciting new upgrade is here for Motion. In the latest update we upgrade the Comp Options, issued a number of small bug fixes and prepared the UI for some new changes coming in v3.22


- New composition Size preset library with ability to save custom presets.
- OPT-click to Focus to selected layer(s) which will select children.
- Some missing icons to Menu options.
- Delete confirmation when deleting color palettes.
- Crash reports for faster resolving of bugs

- Home screen layout now always shows all available sections and shortcuts are smartly placed in the available space.
- Redesigned and added custom presets ability to the FPS and Duration screens.
- General UI tweaks and improvements.

- Automatic closing of sub-menuโ€™s after running a tool.
- Eyedropper / Color picker support in 2020 and on macOS Catalina.
- Enable toggle on Jump and Excite.
- Make Falloff names more unique