macOS Catalina compatibility



Just in time, or maybe a little bit early — Boombox and Motion are both fully updated and compatible with the latest version of macOS Catalina (10.15)

If you experience issues updating via Auto-Update, a manual reinstallation using the latest files will resolve any issues. Visit your Gumroad Library to download the latest installers if needed.


After a small fire-drill on our end trying to figure out all the new "notarization" requirements for software to be installed on the new MacOS via Apple (thanks guys) — Koen Schmeets and I can finally relax a little.

Since the new Extensions for Boombox and Motion have Auto-Update, it bite us pretty hard. Koen developed a very slick build server, that compiles, signs and now even "notarizes" our new development builds.


With this new system we're able to ship out updates even faster, and have a drone server has never been nicer. Our tools have come such a long way in the last two years, and we hope that you notice :)