Boombox (Commercial Hype)



Bring the hype with a pack of assertive basketball foley and impact sounds. Commercial Hype is suitable for all sorts of high-octane sports commercials.

hits, bounces, catches, traps, swishes, slams, squeaks, jumps


Commercial Hype is the latest branch in our Boombox library. As always, our composer Isaac Brockshus masterminded the audio production.

This new collection of sounds aims to enhance big energy sports action. If you close your eyes and imagine a Nike or Under Armor commercial; that's the general flavor.

For the initial start of the Commercial Hype branch, Isaac decided to focus on a single sport. And since companies prioritize marketing new footwear — basketball seemed like the right fit.

To bring the sounds to life, Isaac recorded on an empty basketball court —"in-field." For the more complex sounds, like Crowd Noise, Isaac layered the recordings in a DAW.

Commercial Hype is about 80 percent true "recordings" — what you hear, is what the audio was in reality. As with anything though, 20 percent of the sounds are post-production magic to sound right.


For the branch artwork we worked with our friend and illustrator Jamie Givens, of GVNZ Studio. The original "basketball + shoes" concept for Commercial Hype paired great with Jamie's style.

Part of the fun for every new Boombox release is getting to collaborate together. At different moments of production, Jamies artwork might riff off of Isaac's rough recordings. Or, Isaac's production might get inspired by the great GVNZ art.

Working so tight with Isaac and Jamie on each branch release has been interesting. For the whole team, we approach the same "concept" (i.e. Commercial Hype) from our different area of expertise. When the new deadline hits, seeing everyones work merge and unify makes each release worth it.

After a couple revisions, we all agreed a grungy and hyper 90's-kid look would work great. Jamie actually used an old notebook texture to help create the look. We also tried a different character pose, before settling on the bright bold image at the top.

Cool side-note, our good buddy Jamie designed the 2020 Toyko Olympics logo, we're lucky to work with him.

Check out the rough Commercial Hype artwork we almost used